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Advantages & Benefits

Choose your city

Choose the city that suits you best and experience all the benefits of living in Portugal.

Portuguese Real Estate is appreciating by up to 20% + per year in some key locations and between 15-20% in the traditional coastal regions, and foreign investment now represents a large portion of this. Source: Bloomberg 2022 / Portugal Resident 2022

Portugal’s economy is growing above the EU average, 5.8 percent expected for 2022 by European Commission, double the EU average.

Portuguese Passport in 2019 was rated the third most powerful passport in the World. Source:

Portuguese air quality & environment is consistently rated in the top tier of EU measurements Source: European Union

Portugal was most recently rated the 4th safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index

Portugal is a stable democracy and has been a continuous, uninterrupted political entity for almost 1,000 years

Reliable Legal Environment

Very welcoming environment for new immigrants

Entry to the Eurozone with full life time rights

Largely English speaking nation

Why Portugal

Portuguese citizens get visa-free access to 187 countries


City to invest
Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2019 – PwC


Safest country in 163 countries
Global Peace Index 2022


Best country for remote work
Kayak 2022

Investment types

Private equity or venture capital funds

€500,000 investment in a qualifying fund in Portugal

Portugal Golden Visa application through fund investment

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
  5. Step 5
  6. Step 6
  7. Step 7
Step 1
Obtain Tax Number with GV Life Assistance

Step 2
Open Bank Account remotely with GV Life Assistance

Step 3
Identify Investment Fund with GV Life Assistance & Complete KYC

Step 4
Transfer investment funds to Portugal bank account and make the investment.

Step 5
Complete Application forms with GV Life

Step 6
Application Submitted & Approved

Step 7
Visit Portugal to obtain Biometric Residence Card

Cultural, artistic or research & development contribution

€250,000 contribution to cultural heritage

€500,000 contribution to research carried out by Portuguese scientific research institutions

Other investment types


Creation of 10 full-time jobs & 500,000 Capital allocation


€250,000 in preserving national heritage


€500,000 in R&D activity

Country Comparison Requirements

  Greece Golden Visa Portugal Golden Visa Malta Golden Visa
Investment Criteria  A minimum of €250k investment into property. €500k into non-property based investments Between €700k and €850k expenditure, comprised of donations and other fees for Passport.
Residency Requirements Once every 5 years to renew biometric ID card. 7 days per year. No minimum stay requirements
Language Test Required for Passport Must attain Upper Intermediate Greek Language proficiency Beginner, A2 Government Test, courses available globally. Straightforward to attain. Not required for passport or permanent residency.
Visits to Country Needed to get initial Residency One One One


Am I able to apply for a Portugal Golden Visa?

If you are a non-E.U. or E.E.A. citizen, have no criminal record, are willing to purchase health insurance and have the means to afford one of the investment routes with no encumbrance, then you are eligible!

What are the main investment options?

– An amount of 500,000 EUR is allocated for the purchase of investment fund or venture capital fund shares, dedicated to funding Portuguese companies established under Portuguese law. The investment has a minimum duration of five years and requires at least 60% of the portfolio to be invested in companies registered within the country (excluding real estate entities).

– EUR 500,000 for research activities of public or private entities that are part of the national scientific and technological system

– EUR 250,000 in support of artistic production or in the recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage

– To incorporate a commercial company in Portugal, the requirement is to invest EUR 500,000. The company should be registered and have its headquarters in Portugal. It must also create a minimum of five permanent jobs for a duration of three years. Alternatively, if the investment is made to increase the share capital of an existing company in Portugal, it should result in the creation of at least five permanent jobs or the maintenance of at least ten jobs for a period of three years.

What are the advantages of a Portugal Golden Visa?

The process is easy and transparent and provides for free movement within the Schengen Area and a clear path to European citizenship within 6 years. The visa is also cheaper than other European residency-by-investment schemes.

What are the advantages of the Portugal Golden Visa over Greece, Cyprus or Malta?

 – Efficient and transparent process.

 – Investment into an economy that has entered a golden period of economic growth located on mainland Europe so your investment value is low risk

 – Very short stay requirements in Portugal

 – A clear tax environment, which taxes only local income until you settle in Portugal and become a tax resident. Even then, most foreign income is exempt for the first ten years. There is no wealth tax and no tax on inheritances within the immediate family

 – Allows you to bring 3 generations of the same family to live in Portugal through one property investment

 – Fast and proven to work over many years with a clear path to full E.U. citizenship, so low entry risk to achieve your focused outcomes compared to newer schemes on the market.

 – English is widely spoken and the environment is very welcoming

 – The 4th most peaceful nation on Earth

 – Easy travel access in and out of Portugal as it is an international hub

 – Great modern infrastructure especially the new road system

What do I have to do in order to achieve Permanent Residency?

Remember The Golden Visa scheme is only available to non-E.U. or E.E.A. citizens who must do the following:

 – Make a qualifying investment and maintain it for 5 years

 – Spend just 7 days per year in Portugal, for each of the 5 years

 – Maintain a clean criminal record

Can I bring my family and how many members?

Under the Portugal Golden Visa Scheme you can bring your spouse, any children under the age of 18 or dependent children aged 18-26 if they are unmarried and in full-time education, as well as the parents of either spouse if they are aged over 66, or aged over 55 and dependent on the main applicant.

You can also bring siblings under the age of 18 of either spouse, if they are your legal responsibility.

Can same-sex couples also apply for the Portugal Golden Visa?

Yes, same sex couples in Portugal can apply for the Golden Visa, and have all the same rights as heterosexual couples. The children of same sex couples are also eligible for residenency as dependents as long as under 18 years of age. Same Sex Marriage is recognized in Portugal.

What documents and paper work can I help prepare to make things easier?

You need 3 months of original utility bills as proof of registered address to be able to open a Portuguese bank account, national I.D. cards. You need to provide all original birth and marriage certificates, secure a certificate of non criminal record from your place of permanent residence, have a valid passport of at least 2 years, get a valid health certificate from a recognized Doctor approved by the Portuguese Govt.

A full list of all the documents will be provided to you once you enrol with GV Life Limited.

Note: If you lack any of the above then start applying for them asap or the Golden Visa process will be slowed down. For a Certificate of No Criminal record this can take a month to secure.

Is the growth in Portugal a property boom only and other parts of the economy are not performing?

No it is undergoing a dynamic structural change, tourism is a mainstay but one key sector which has attracted major multinational investment is the new I.T. knowledge based economy especially in cities such as Lisbon and Porto. The Government invested heavily into education during the financial crisis and it is now paying dividends, for this reason the property rental markets are very healthy and capital growth.

Golden visa

“Investor Visa”, “Golden Visa” or in Portuguese Autorização de Residência para Atividade de Investimento (ARI) is the right to legally reside in Portugal for the purpose of carrying out investment activities on its territory.

Since 2020, residences for investors have been issued for 2 years at a time, and then the residence permit will need to be renewed for 2 years. That is, you will need to obtain 3 residence permits (each of which will be issued for 2 years) before obtaining the coveted citizenship.

Business Visa (D2)

D2 Entrepreneurs’ Visa — Change your life, invest, settle, and secure your whole family’s future in amazing Portugal

The D2 Visa enables the applicant to enter Portugal and start-up a company in a diverse range of sectors ranging from individual consultancies, to travel agencies and import/export firms. Provided you have a viable business idea, Portugal is willing to let you base your family and company in their country!

We have a 100% success rate on qualifying applicants.

Apply now for our full qualification assessment and initial advice of eligibility for the Portugal D2 Visa. We can also help you structure and compose a coherent business plan.

Note* This programme is for Non-EU Nationals only and entrepreneurs who have the desire to open a business in Portugal.

Passive income visa (D7)

A very popular and cost efficient visa to gain residency in Portugal.

D 7 Passive Income Visa – Perfect for Retirees, Post Brexit Brits, Crypto Traders, Landlords, and people looking to settle, and enjoy the huge opportunities and envied lifestyle of Portugal.

Qualifying applicants must receive income from either property rentals, dividends, royalties, regular state or private pension payments of an annual amount equivalent to €10,000

We have a 100 percent success rate on qualifying applicants.

Contact us now so we can help assess your passive income to make sure you qualify correctly.

Note* This programme is for Non-EU Nationals only and people who receive a passive income from outside of Portugal

The Golden visa scheme

The Golden Visa scheme is one of the most Global friendly schemes, with almost 10,000 successful applications as of 2022. The scheme will continue along these lines, since the Socialist Party who started the scheme have just seen their majority increased in Portuguese politics and have broadened the investment avenues for a Golden Visa. The newly re-elected Prime Minister has said that the country welcomes new immigrants.

The scheme is enormously popular with Portuguese society, as this relatively small country has now seen EUR 5 billion in foreign direct investment since the programme started in 2012 (Source: Reuters) – a huge boost for the economy and a country that had seen declining population numbers in the years following the financial crisis, now being reversed. Since the scheme started, Portugal has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in Europe thanks largely in part to inward investment via the Golden Visa programme and other avenues. This is a country that has the aspiration and vision to become the Monte Carlo of the Atlantic Coast and the stability to pull it off.

As a company, we have seen hundreds of our clients make successful investments in Portugal and when looking at the other options such as Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Caribbean economies, the prospect of greater returns is obvious in Portugal and allows investors a smooth entry into a Eurozone country that boasts one of the most stable and best lifestyle environments in the World.

The Portuguese Economy has entered a golden growth period and it is a key time to invest with a fantastic lifestyle environment.

Moreover, the Portuguese Golden Visa scheme does not require you to move to the country – one must spend only 7 days a year for 5 years in order to obtain Permanent Residency, after which you can apply for a Portuguese passport and EU citizenship. This means you can continue your life as normal and, thanks to double tax treaties between Portugal and many International countries, there is no need to increase your tax burden.

GV Life believe that Portugal represents the best global safety net coupled with world-class schools and education, an excellent climate, a booming economy, fresh seafood, widely spoken English, award winning medical services and is regularly rated as one of the World’s cleanest environments. With all of this combined with a streamlined visa process and a thriving international community, it is simply the best residency programme on offer right now.

Testimonials from our customers

In a professional capacity I have worked with GV Life for the last 2 years and can attest to their professionalism, attention to detail and their ability to go the extra mile for their clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to live and invest in Portugal.

— Brian Fiddis ex SVP MGM CHINA

GV Life has been most patient and helpful along the way helping me get my Golden Visa through property investment, always responsive and quick at actions and problem solving. Have recommended their services to friends and will again.

— C.Chen Hong Kong

Dear GV Life Team,

I would just like to say how happy our family was with the GV Life team in helping us all to obtain our Portuguese residence’s..

We will certainly be recommending you and your team for would be prospective families who want to make the move to Portugal..

Best regards,

— Stephen. UK national and Hong Kong Resident

Portugal has become our second home since securing residency through GV Life’s immigration team and connection to their excellent partners. They provided a fast, efficient and effective service for my whole family and their partners on the ground in Portugal were amazing.

— Catherine

I love Greece such a lovely country, and to be able to invest 500 K Euro into such a welcoming country to access security for my family with full passport rights after 5 years is amazing as the economy is also booming, it is a win win. It must make Greece the best country in the World right now for such a scheme as its part of mainland Europe and the E.U.

— Xi Jemin

We have always taken Hong Kong as our home, but sadly now we need a plan b and that was the U.K. before Brexit but now we feel that Portugal is a natural alternative with great food and a positive investment climate. GV Life is helping us to clearly take the path to this destination, and we are coming to Portugal to view the properties their local partners have exclusive access to

— S. Liu

GV Life helps you focus on the key reasons for selecting a Golden Visa scheme in Europe, and delivers an easy path that saves you being taken advantage of on sales commissions that should not be paid, and high legal fees. They are the first firm I found in Hong Kong that offers such a full and transparent service

— M. Wong

We had a wonderful time in Portugal. What a fantastic country to be able to live in, from the seafood, the people, the fresh air, and it is so safe and completely stable which is perfect for us. Investing here makes so much sense right now and securing a stable future for your family.

— May Cheung

We have received excellent service from GV Life for more than 2 years. They secured our residency visa for us, pulling out all the stops despite a number of timing and logistical issues we threw at them as well as COVID. They then sourced us the perfect pre-tenanted investment property, and made the purchase seamless by providing access to a great mortgage broker and fantastic lawyer.

Their team are professional, always available to help and very nice people to deal with. They have an extensive network that helped us relocate to Portugal and put us on the right footing with everything from tax to healthcare. We can’t recommend them highly enough if you are looking to make an investment or settle in Portugal.

The Prescotts, U.K.

Having decided to move to Portugal, we realised very early on that we needed professional help to achieve that goal. We reached out to GV and during our initial discussions with GV Life they advised us on the scope of their services, what we could expect, the pitfalls to avoid, the deliverables and the cost of the whole process. Their professional manner and the depth of their knowledge impressed us immensely . Everything was transparent, no hidden charges, no promises that couldn’t be fulfilled. We decided to go ahead and have been very grateful that we took that decision.

Gareth Jones – Photographer Hong Kong

How lucky we were to find GV Life at the start of our Portugal adventure. By following their expert advice, the whole process of moving and settling here went far more smoothly than we ever could have imagined. I hate to think of the time, cost and stress if we had tried to do it ourselves. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly. As i would Portugal! It has been a truly life changing experience moving to this beautiful country and my only regret is not doing it sooner!

Nick W – British National, and Permanent Hong Kong Resident

I’ve worked with the GV team over the last 18 months and they have time and again demonstrated an innate knowledge and experience of navigating the immigration process in Portugal. Throughout the visa process, I’ve been confident in the team and whenever any issues have arisen they have been quickly and effectively resolved.I have no hesitation in recommending them given their diligent and professional approach.

Andy UK

Dear GV Life Team

Thank you for an excellent service.

It is a daunting prospect to emigrate to an entirely new country and Golden Visa  handled the process seamlessly.  Accurate advice, regular updates and immediate replies to our queries gave our family the confidence that the progress of our application was being continually monitored and advanced.  A potentially challenging time made entirely stress free.

Rupert. British National and Permanent Hong Kong Resident

Dealing with GV Life was excellent.   They engaged with us and initially explained the issues we would need to deal with in order to obtain residency in Portugal.  Then they assisted us with the steps which were required and their involvement made the process simple and easy.  Without GV Life it would have been much more difficult for us to achieve our objective.   They also advised when we acquired a property in Setubal and again their help and introductions to professional assistance was invaluable.  I can definitely recommend this company.

Leslie, London U.K.

GV Life are much more than visa and immigration specialists, they are truly like family to us. Wanting to move to Portugal from the UK, we had very little understanding of how difficult it would truly be, and at first it was a daunting task. 

With GV Life on the case, we found a property that met our ever changing, and extremely specific needs within 1 month, bought it within 3, and submitted our visa in 4. GV were very strict in processing everything as efficiently and as quickly as possible, with no stone left unturned. 

We cannot thank them enough and will continue to discuss future goals and how best to achieve them with GV Life by our side.

M & J Sharp U.K.

GV Life have been brilliant at getting, first of all our residency applications sorted, and then helping us through the purchase of our property. 

Their knowledge of the financial processes and requirements is second to none. With access to local Portuguese banks, legal and financial services, the process is smooth and pain free.

Even when you have everything in place, they are more than happy to offer advice and point you in the right direction.

In short they can facilitate any of your requirements and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Andrew, U.K.

It is a fantastic country! GV Life Limited helped so fast by taking the pain out of doing it ourselves, residency has given our family and especially our kids the future security they need in an increasingly unstable World; with great educational opportunities and full employment rights in the E.U. secured. We couldn’t be more relieved as Brexit has made the UK less appealing as a safe haven for Hong Kongers, and we have a certain exit if needed now

Rahim Mohammed

I bought a great investment property in Cascais thanks to the GV Life Limited property team, and their extensive local property network. I paid zero sales commission, and the value was not only in the fact that 3 generations of my family qualify for the Golden Visa but the house has actually gone up 40 percent in value since I bought it, and we get great holidays every year in our new property with the security of knowing the family has a plan b.

Mr Kwok

As an Aussie and permanent Hong Kong Resident I was really shocked at how cheap it all is, you can live in Portugal with such sophistication from the delicious food and wine, rich culture, great road system, outdoor life and my special love, golf. It is like the Australia of Europe for its sunshine and great outdoor living but at a fraction of the cost with this amazing NHR scheme, and a key time to be buying property

D. Delaney

My Husband and three boys can’t wait to return to Portugal on bikes, canoes and boats. As a formally trained cook, I can’t wait to eat more of the local seafood, pasteries and to visit the amazing markets. My parents are looking forward to traveling to Portugal this February to golf some of the Worlds top courses with their closest friends


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